Bedtime Fading

Bedtime Fading

Bedtime Fading How long should your child sleep? Here’s a way to find out. By SCOTT HANSON Does it seem like your child just isn’t tired at bedtime? I don’t mean that they’re stalling and bargaining. I mean they just aren’t at all sleepy. If so, you might want to give bedtime fading a try. …

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Daylight Savings Time and Bedtime

Daylight Savings Time & Bedtime 4 ways to help your toddler adjust to the time change By SCOTT HANSON Whenever it’s time to “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” in and out of  Daylight Savings Time, the parents of small children shake their heads because they know what’s coming.  They can already hear their child asking …

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Make Sure You Fill Your Tank

Make Sure You Fill Your Tank You can’t give what you don’t have By EDWARD DANYO Being a single dad of a child that never slept, I constantly felt drained…and even when my energy cup was empty, I still had to function as a competent parent. I had zero time for myself and even felt …

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Screen Time and Toddler Sleep

Toddler Screen Time and Sleep Here’s how much screen time is appropriate for toddlers By EDWARD DANYO Being a kid these days means having screen time. The “new normal” for toddlers through teens is some measure of time on digital learning platforms, as well as a baby sitting tool for parents who are stretched thin. …

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Child won't sleep

My Grandchild Won’t Sleep!

My Grandchild Won’t Sleep! What to do?  Offer advice, or stay quiet… By SCOTT HANSON It’s tricky being a grandparent sometimes. You see things from a perspective your child—now a parent themselves– doesn’t. So when your grandchild doesn’t sleep or has bad sleep habits, what should you do? First, you should know a recent study …

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Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression 4 steps to take when you suspect a sleep regression By SCOTT HANSON You may have heard doctors say there’s no evidence sleep regression in children is really a thing. As the father of twins, I’ve seen it. That child you know SO well is making sleeping like a champ, and then suddenly …

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