Make Sure You Fill Your Tank

You can't give what you don't have

Edward Danyo


Being a single dad of a child that never slept, I constantly felt drained…and even when my energy cup was empty, I still had to function as a competent parent. I had zero time for myself and even felt guilty when I wanted just 5 minutes of “me time.” Can any of you relate?

Back then I had zero clue the importance of personal resilience and I think both of us suffered because of it. It took me a long time to realize that all sacrifices weren’t noble. In fact, if I could do it all over again, I’d make sure I took time to (selflessly) recharge my own batteries. 

In the article, “How to Manage Exhaustion When Your Kid Just Won’t Sleep,” Healthline provides a great list of options to help refill your dwindled energy cup! Here are a few of my personal favorites for to consider:

“Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids; they provide a pattern that your body will come to recognize as your sleep time cue.”

  • Challenge your assumptions! Consider outsourcing your lawn maintenance or using a meal service company on occasion. If you do the math on gas, groceries, and time saved you might be surprised a bargain in outsourcing.
  • Leverage your support network. Do you think the grandparents would love to come over for an hour or 2 to watch the kids while you grab a well deserved nap? Extended family time creates lasting bonds and allows everyone to feel needed and useful.
  • Establish your own bedtime routine. Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids; they provide a pattern that your body will come to recognize as your sleep time cue. Do not allow pre-bedtime screen scrolling to become part of your pattern…your melatonin level is negatively impacted just the same as your child. 
  • Focus only on what MUST get done. I am my own victim of an endless list of daily “to do” tasks. When you start re-evaluating what must be done vs. what you’d like to get done, it’s amazing the amount of time you can free up. 
  • Get outside! I know this is one of the activities that rejuvenates me the most. The sun, fresh air, and a nice breeze tend to make me feel a bit more calm and relaxed. Take a frisbee with you and let the kids chase it as you sit blissfully still enjoying the moment.
  • Move. Move. Move. A sedentary body becomes fatigued more quickly than on doing some sort of physical activity. Learn to take 5-10 minute movement breaks during the day.  Try searching YouTube for an instructional activity that interests you; maybe try something like the 5 Minute Tai Chi for Beginners video on the right.   
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Regardless of how you recharge, it is necessary for your healthy wellbeing. Take short opportunistic time for yourself, and both you and your child will be rewarded with a more healthy you!



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