4 Things To Do To Make Sure Your Child Sleeps Through the Night

19 Apr , 2018 Uncategorized

Child SleepingWhen couples become parents, everyone around the new parents joke that they won’t be sleeping for a long time. But, there is truth to this. Kids don’t always sleep the way parents would want.
As the inventors of Hush Buddy, we heard too many parents who were struggling to get their kids to sleep through the night. So, we have a few tips for all parents to help their kids sleep.

4 things to do to help young children sleep better are:

  1. Know Their Needs: The first things to know before starting a sleep strategy is to know how much sleep the child needs. Suggested times:  3 to 6 years– Approximately 11-12 hours of sleep. 1 to 3 years– Most toddlers need about 12-14 hours of sleep.
  2. Create a Routine: Children like schedules and routines. So, have the same schedule every night. This includes the activities leading up to bed such as dinner then a bath. But, it also includes the time. For example, dinner is at 7:30 and bath time is at 8 PM.
  3. Create a Good Environment for Sleep: Create an environment in the child’s room that is conducive for sleep. It should be quiet, cool, and relaxing and free from devices with screens.
  4. Choose a Sleep Training System: There are so many options for sleep training. We created a system with Hush Buddy that motivate kids to stay quiet at bedtime.

Do your young children not sleep through the night? Or do you spend hours putting them to bed at night filled with tears and screaming? Then, Hush Buddy might be exactly what you need. Learn more about our sleep system now.

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