New Study: When Toddlers Sleep Better You Feel Better

14 Nov , 2017 Sleep Studies

Toddler BedtimeHow do you feel when your toddler doesn’t sleep? Could it be the cause of depression?

A new study by the University of British Columbia found the answer is yes for many mothers and fathers.

Researchers studied results from 455 Canadian parents. First, they assessed the parents for indications of depression.  Next, they intervened to reduce the child’s sleep issues.  Finally, they reassessed the parents for signs of depression.

The results? When the little one doesn’t sleep, it affects mom and dad greatly.

Mothers’ depression decreased dramatically–from 30% of cases to just 9%– after the toddler’s sleep issues were addressed.  For fathers, 19% showed clinically significant depression with the child struggled to sleep.  That number dropped to 8% once the child’s sleep issues were addressed.

Studies like this reveal two important truths.  First, when a toddler struggles to sleep it has far reaching impact on the entire family.  Second, we’re reminded of the importance of giving parents tools to correct their child’s sleep issues.  Parental education is one of the 5 top strategies to correct a child’s sleep issue.

As parents we tend to put ourselves second to our family. But if you’re nagged by the blue, you might focus on your little one getting more sleep.  You might find everyone feels better!