How the System Works

A special storybook, the Hush Buddy device, and a few instructions can transform bedtime.

See what we mean when we say it’s as easy as Story, Set, Sleep.


Story. Set. Sleep.

The Hush Buddy sleep training program features Whisper, who becomes your child’s best buddy at bedtime, and your best friend for life!

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Story – You’ll read our storybook to your child as the last thing before bedtime and lights out. The story explains who Whisper the Hush Buddy is, why Whisper chose to be with your child at night, and why it’s important for your child to be quiet and fall asleep.
  2. Set – With a touch of a button, the Hush Buddy device shaped like Whisper is activated. Thanks to the story, your child understands Whisper will bath the room in warm, gentle, light—as long as the room is quiet. If your child screams or cries out, Whisper will dim until it’s quiet again.
  3. Sleep!

As a plus, Hush Buddy’s easy to follow parent’s instructions help you understand the keys to a successful bedtime, with step-by-step instructions that have a proven track record with even the most persistent children. You’ll feel like a sleep expert in no time!