Our System

Hush Buddy is a sleep training program featuring Whisper, who becomes your child’s best buddy at bedtime, and your best friend for life!

Our system comprises 3 elements:

  1. A Parents Manual – It explains (in a non-threatening way) how your child’s brain works, and outlines a program for consistency before bedtime, that will allow your child to successfully fall asleep on their own.
  2. A Hush Buddy Story – Read to your child as the last thing before bedtime and lights out. Explains who Whisper the Hush Buddy is, where he/she came from, why it has chosen to be in your child’s room for the night, and why it’s important for your child to be quiet and fall asleep.
  3. A Hush Buddy Device – The light stays on while your child remains quiet. If your child screams or cries out, Whisper goes very, very dim. This reinforces the story that was read to your child before bedtime