What is Hush Buddy?

Hush Buddy is a sleep training program featuring Whisper, who becomes your child’s best buddy at bedtime, and your best friend for life!

Founded on inspiration, conceived through clinical research, and validated by parents like you…

  • The Hush Buddy system facilitates restful sleep between the ages of 2-4 years old, when your child’s cognitive development is most critical.
  • And provides YOU a pathway to a full nights rest.

Designed to be simple and super effective, the system consist of:

  • A quick guide to the mysterious inner workings of your child’s brain
  • A Hush Buddy story that encourages your child to fall asleep with Whisper, rather than YOU at bedtime
  • A unique bedtime device with “new sleep” technology

Precious sleep is merely a Hush Buddy away.